Classical Technique

Acoustic Fingerstyle Technique

Playing with a Pick

You can find more information about specific techniques by videos and private lessons.

Classical Guitar

Websites for further study…

The Guitar Foundation of America series for learning Classical Guitar. The Foundations series is excellent for beginners. The teachers in these videos are award-winning classical guitarists, popular throughout the world!

Aaron Shearer is the most popular method for learning classical guitar technique. You can find more detailed information about the Aaron Shearer Institution by going to this link:


Basic Understanding of Right Hand
Sound Production with Rest Stroke and Free Stroke (Strumming)
Most Basic Fingerstyle

Acoustic Fingerstyle

There are many famous acoustic fingerstyle players. These videos are meant for the teacher looking to explore different techniques and fingerstyle patterns. They must be practiced to be mastered.

Acoustic Guitar Magazine is an excellent source for learning more and exploring other acoustic players and techniques. Teachers should always check material before sharing with students. Each situation is different.


Travis Picking – Paul David
Tommy Emmanuel – Master Fingerstyle Guitarist
Advanced Techniques in Fingerstyle

Playing with a Pick

Guitar Picks can be used on any guitar! Most often they are used on acoustic and electric guitars.

See these videos for detailed instructions for how to hold a pick, play single strings or chords.


Holding the Pick
Picking on Acoustic and Electric guitar